Education Without School?

Posted: 18th April 2011 by Pastoral Musings in education
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Thoughts?  Education can certainly occur outside the classroom.  A college degree would be great, yet there are some who simply don’t function well in that sort of environment.  Sadly, we make little room for them.

What are your thoughts?

The college degree functions a signal to society. It says, “I’m arbitrarily trainable, can meet deadlines, and follow your directions.” It does not convey information about you or your talents. As we asymptotically approach a point at which everyone has a Ph.D, how are we going to choose between potential employees?

Require everyone to get two Ph.Ds, then three? I hope not. There will come a point when society realizes that our accreditation system is a functioning fallacy.

I’m leading UnCollege to hasten that realization and prove that a college degree is not requisite for success. I do not want to burn down classrooms. I do not want to put professors out of work. I do not want to do away with college or university.

While going to college is the societally accepted path to professional success, it is not the only path. I want to help others understand that obtaining a college degree is not the only path to professional success. I believe institutionalized higher education limits possibilities, and that if we allowed people to learn from life instead of confining them to academic intuitions we could unleash human potential and allow everybody to change the world.

via Living the Knowledge Life: A Thiel Fellowship Finalist’s Response.

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