It’s that time of week again- the time when we look at an alleged Biblical inconsistency.

Here is the one we shall consider this week.

GE 15:9, EX 20:24, 29:10-42, LE 1:1-7:38, NU 28:1-29:40, God details sacrificial offerings.
JE 7:21-22 God says he did no such thing.

It is indeed true that God command sacrifice and burnt offerings to be made.

It is also true that there is no lack of harmony between the texts above.

While God commanded the people to offer sacrifices, His main goal was NOT sacrifice.  Over and over throughout the Old Testament God told the people that His desire was for them to learn to love Him, obey Him, and serve Him.

Love for God is the primary thing.

That is what God was saying in the Jeremiah passage.

God does not want ritualistic sacrifice.

He wants our heart-felt worship.

He calls us to repentance.

He calls us to experience His mercies.

He calls us to trust Him with all of our heart, because He has sacrificed His own Son for us.