Is The Bible God’s Word?

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Consider the passage of John 10:28-36

Jesus called the Old Testament by three names, all of which are synonymous one with the other:


Word of God


All of these are spoken by Jesus in reference to the Psalms.

Yet they are also true of the rest of the Scriptures, as we have seen in previous posts. (Click on the post tags to see more.)

Why anyone would think it a holy thing to deny this truth is beyond me. To do so is not faithful to the Scriptures. To do so is to deny the absolute authority of Scripture. Of course I do believe that is why many resort to arbitrarily denying the Scripture’s nature as God’s Word.

It seems that the cry regarding many issues is that said issues do no harm.

That would seem to imply that the morality behind an issue is whether or not harm is done; hence the moral code is, “Do no harm.”

Here’s the problem: from whence the authority for the “do no harm” morality?

If it’s due to the worth of the humans involved, then where do humans get their worth? Only in a biblical worldview that shows that man is created in the image of God do you find that humans have any inherent worth. Otherwise they are simply a step above the rest, and yet worthy to be trampled upon by those ascending the evolutionary ladder.

If this code of morality is intended to be authoritative, why is it authoritative? From whence is its authority derived? How long does this authority last? Is it an absolute authority?

If it isn’t absolute, then it is relative and arbitrary. In morality, relative and arbitrary authority don’t amount to much. They are little more than personal preference.

On the other hand, if the authority is absolute, what is the basis of that absoluteness? There must be an absolute intelligence and an absolute person behind the absolute authority. Once you get to that point, we know the answer. There is only one answer: God is the absolute intelligence and the absolute authority.

We know this is so, because there is no ground for predication apart from the Bible (God’s Word). (See here and here.)

In other words, those calling for a new morality based upon a “Do No Harm” standard are borrowing from the biblical worldview and perverting it. We knew that all along, because they are calling for a perverted morality that is truly nothing more than the old immorality.

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Sermon Audio: The Father’s Love For The Son

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Warfield On Purity of Scripture

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In the view of the Scriptures, the completely supernatural character of revelation is in no way lessened by the circumstance that it has been given through the instrumentality of men. They affirm, indeed, with the greatest possible emphasis that the Divine word delivered through men is the pure word of God, diluted with no human admixture whatever.

Warfield, Benjamin B. The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield: Revelation and Inspiration. Vol. 1. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2008. pg 18

If homosexuality is natural, perhaps a couple of questions should be answered.

1. Why is homosexuality the new kid on the block compared to heterosexuality?

2. Seeing homosexuality is held by many skeptics/atheists who also hold to evolution, why haven’t humans evolved to where homosexuals can procreate naturally?

3. If homosexuality is natural, why do they proudly call themselves queer?


We’ll do much better to go back to the Scripture and call it unnatural, confusion, and an abomination.

Certainly homosexuals would do well to go to the Scripture, learn the gospel, repent, believe Jesus, and be forgiven. 1Corinthians 6:9-11

Have you ever considered the fact of God as the Supreme Law-giver? That is what James called him in James 4:12.

Paul spoke of God as the ultimate authority who establishes government and rule of law (Romans 13:1-7).

It is He to whom all the world must give account in the day of judgment (Acts 17:22-31;Romans 14:10-12).

It is He who raised His Son from the dead (Acts 17:28-31), gives us mercy (Exodus 20:1-6), and will forgive us freely (Romans 3:21-31) and establishes His supremacy while doing so.

It is only this God who gives us rights and freedoms, too.

It is only as we understand our accountability to God as the ultimate authority that we actually can live in freedom, or understand what rights are.

Daniel understood his accountability to his God, so he respectfully asked that he be allowed to exercise his right of freedom of conscience (Daniel 1:1-17).

So it was with the Apostles. When commanded not to preach and teach that Jesus is King of kings, they replied,  “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29) Their consciences were bound by the fact that God was the ultimate authority, and that no ruler on earth had the right to prohibit them from living according to their conscience as informed and directed by the Word of God.

This is why our nation believes in freedom. It was founded by people whose view of the world was shaped by the truthfulness of God’s Word. Despite the presence of Deists among the Founding Fathers, the worldview that prevailed was strongly influenced by Christianity.

Because of this Christian influence, the Declaration of Independence declares that God gives us certain rights that are unalienable: that is, they can never truly be taken away from us.

Later the Virginia legislature and its delegation to Congress (including James Madison)  would be strongly influenced by the Baptists of Virginia to press for a Bill of Rights so that these rights would be safe-guarded under law.

Today’s militant homosexuals and militant atheists seek to abridge the rights of those who disagree with them. The evidence is so plentiful that one only need to search the internet to find that people who refuse to celebrate so-called homosexual marriages are sometimes penalized for that refusal, despite their religious convictions and conscientious objection to homosexuality. The evidence is plentiful that demonstrates that militant atheists seek to remove nativity scenes, ten commandments, and crosses from public property.

What these people do not understand (Or maybe they simply refuse to acknowledge it.) is that this nation would have no freedom were it not for Christians. This nation would have no Bill or Rights were it not for Christians. Neither would they have freedom were it not for those who understand that their first responsibility is to God as the ultimate authority.

It is only when you have a core people who understand that God is the ultimate authority, and that they must obey Him in all circumstances, that you have true liberty.

Oppression comes when people forget God.

Lack of liberty comes when people forget God.

Tyranny comes when people forsake and forget God.

In seeking to marginalize Christians, the homosexual and atheist agendas will ultimately undermine their own freedom.

Simply put: without God there is no freedom. Freedom comes UNDER law. Freedom comes UNDER God.

When we cease to be “One nation under God” we cease to be a nation of freedom.

In a day in which many reject authority, rebel against God, speak of rights, and yet trample on the rights of others, we need to be established in this great truth. There is no authority apart from God. Neither is there any true freedom apart from recognizing God’s ultimate authority.

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Sermon Audio: The Good Shepherd Dying For His Sheep

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It seems that the idea today is to squelch or silence the voices of those who disagree with the politically correct, homosexual favoring crowd. That is what happened to some firefighters whose lawsuit was thrown out by the courts.

Here is the thing: those who wish to refuse the Christian the right to conscientiously object to partaking in that which celebrates the things they understand to be deviance are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Why? Because the very freedom they have to express their favor toward said homosexuality is the result of the voices of many faithful Christians who fought for religious liberty.

The very Bill of Rights that we have today comes to us due to much effort on the part of Baptists in Virginia in the late eighteenth century. Their passion for religious freedom and freedom of speech can be traced through James Madison all the way back to the great Christian witness William Tyndale.

English: William Tyndale, Protestant reformer ...

English: William Tyndale, Protestant reformer and Bible translator. Portrait from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Česky: William Tyndale (portrét ve Foxeově Knize mučedníků) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The homofacist agenda that seeks to silence all dissenters are biting the very hands that have fed them, i.e. the ones (Though not the individuals, the people groups) who fought that they might have their freedom of speech.

Once you silence the Christians, you will find that you have silenced the voice of the only group who have a worldview that is consistent enough to give you free speech.

Free speech cannot logically follow an atheistic, pantheistic, or humanistic worldview. It only logically follows the Christian worldview. That is why our very Declaration of Independence declares that “all men are created equal” and that they are endowed by their “Creator” with certain inalienable rights.

Rights come from One who created all, owns all, and controls all. The freedom that we have to exercise those rights come to us courtesy of people who bled for those freedoms.

The politically correct crowd is very foolish in thinking that freedom comes in the silence and/or absence of Christian voices. In fact, true freedom will last in no place other than where Christian theism is prevalent.